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The Books

Follow Eilert the Gnome in The Gnome Came Home series as he journeys throughout many different places to find Grandma June's garden, his home. Witness as Eilert learns what home and family mean; watch how Eilert gets through his tough time and see how he comes home.

Gnome Home No More


How do you find out who you are? Eilert and karin have found something which will help them find his home. Can you tell what it is? Do you have some documents that tell you about yourself? Have you seen them?

Follow Eilert on his journey to Norway to uncover some information about his family and who

Eilert the Gnome Loses Home


Where was Eilert's home? Did he belong near Boe, Norway? Maybe so. Grandpa Jim had named him Eilert Boe. Was his home near the woods with Karin, Helmer, and the other gnomes? What was home and how could he find it again?

Discover how Eilert loses home and what he does to get back.

Eilert's Long Way Home



The second book in The Gnome Came Home series, this book follows Eilert as he tries to find his way home to Grandma June's house. After losing his new-found friend, Karin, Eilert must try to find his own talisman to help him return home. Eilert meets many new friends along the way on his exciting journey back to Grandma June's garden.

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